Mom+Mer Creations

Our masterful Creator filled my daughter’s heart with an adventurous spirit and an unquenchable desire to spread the Good News.  From France to Haiti to the “Island of Old Cars” she finds inspiration in the beauty of His masterpiece.  She captures that beauty and together we create note cards to spread the “sonshine” one note at a time!

These note cards feature photos taken in Haiti:

IMG_2068 IMG_2066 IMG_2062 IMG_2065


Together or apart, she’ll always be in my heart.  I am beyond blessed with Meredith as my daughter.  She may be my only, but God knew best! I like to think we bring out the best in each other:)


In all our road trips for swimming, volleyball, and extracurricular activites, I always told her, “We’re not lost, we’re just on an adventure.”  My girl took that to heart and she keeps our lives adventurous…I love it that way!

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