The Joyful Life: Stepping Through the Door God Opens!

As a teenager, I had a dream, but it seemed too big and out of reach. So I buried that dream in the challenges of adulthood.  Covered up by the daily responsibilities of paying bills, parenting, and maneuvering through the adversities of life, that dream lay dormant and forgotten.

Until I opened God’s word and spent time with Him daily. In that stillness, God re-birthed my dream and stirred within me a confidence and commitment to pursue that dream one step at a time.

Our God is steadfast, loving, and He’s a promise-keeper. Today I’m honored to share the goodness of His promises as God opened a door for me on the path of pursuing my dream, and I’m elated to step through that door! I’m humbled and thrilled to announce that I’ve been selected to the Devotion Writer Team of The Joyful Life.

I’ve followed The Joyful Life as Sandi Sutton boldly and faithfully pursued her vision for the magazine and built a team and community committed to its mission: “Heart and Home Inspiration for Christian Women.” I’m blessed by the opportunity to contribute to this vision and craft two devotions each month that inspire others to seek the Hope found only in Christ. To encourage women to place Christ at the center of their lives and the center of their homes. As I fulfill this commitment, I pray for God’s wisdom and favor to share words that are used for God’s purpose, not mine, and that those words soar on His wings to point others to Jesus and glorify Him.

I love the heartbeat of The Joyful Life. That heart was evident in the email I received notifying of my selection, and it touched mine as Sandi specifically tended and cared for the hearts of those women who were not selected. I’ve been on the receiving end of that rejection in this writing journey, and today I specifically pray for them as well as those joining The Joyful Life Devotion Writing team.

Lord, I give all thanks and glory to You for this opportunity. I pray for Your guidance to steward it well.

Giving all praise to Him, let’s work together for Christ! Let’s live The Joyful Life.



P.S. You can experience the heartbeat of The Joyful Life by visiting their website: