Friends in Ministry

As I’ve dug into God’s truth and pursued my dream to write, God has placed wonderful friends in my path to guide and inspire me. They’ve encouraged me along the way and I’m thrilled to share these friends with you.

Suzie-2-1      Suzie Eller, Living Free Together

First, there’s Suzie! As I worked on my writing through Compel, an online writing program offered by Proverbs 31 ministries, Suzie encouraged me and it seemed she knew me. My thoughts, my doubts, my fears. She encouraged me to stay focused on my writing, dedicate time to it, and she generously offered her knowledge to me and other members of Compel. Her encouragement helped me to believe in me again. And when I believed in me, I believed in my dream again. I read her book, “The Mended Heart” and connected with her online when she launched her book “Come With Me.” I’d never met Suzie in person, but she seemed authentic and real. Genuine and compassionate. And deeply committed to Jesus.

Then I met her in person and all that proved to be true.

Suzie’s published a litany of wonderful books and she’s an author and speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She’s a gifted leader and Bible Study teacher, a talented writer, and a treasured mentor and friend. I encourage you to check out her website and follow her:

Suzanne Eller, Living Free Together

You’ll be glad you did:)

IMG957934-e1459346419977-960x960 Jodie Barrett and Donna Fender,                                                                                                  Faithfully Following Ministries

When I stepped out in faith and attended Suzie’s retreat, I walked into a community of Jesus-loving gals. My heart exploded! There I met Jodie Barrett. Jodie is as sweet as southern iced tea and she’s compassionate, kind, and definitely loves Jesus!

I had so much fun at Suzie’s first retreat, I attended again the following year. And guess what? I got to spend time with Jodie and her ministry partner, Donna Fender. Can I just say this? They’re a duo of laughter and sweetness slathered with a deep faith in Jesus Christ. Think cinnamon roll slathered in sweet cream cheese icing times two. Their laughter and sweetness are the cinnamon and sugar rolled into the layers of a cinnamon roll while their devoted trust in Jesus Christ covers their entire lives. Just like sweet cream cheese icing slathered all over a cinnamon roll!

Together, Jodie and Donna share their sweetness, laughter, and faith in Jesus Christ in their ministry:

Faithfully Following Ministries

Follow them and grab some of their sweet faith!

about_me_headshot-400x400  Cindy Krall, Finding Home

Have you ever met that woman who radiates a fun-loving gift of sweet sassiness and quick humor. You know, the one that keeps you on your toes? The one that keeps you chuckling? Well, that’s my friend Cindy! And if that’s not enough to make you love her, she has a huge heart for Jesus!

Cindy was one of the leaders at Suzie’s last retreat and it was a hoot to get know her! Yes, I said hoot. Cindy will be okay with that:) Her zany personality and quick wit will keep you laughing! Yet, she always connects you to Jesus.

Meet Cindy over on her website: Cindy Krall, Finding Home

There’s no doubt you’ll make a new friend!