Craving Jesus Above All

Patience and persistence. They can be our nemesis in today’s world of immediate gratification. Yet they are the very tools necessary to succeed.

Today I’m thrilled to be featured on The Joyful Life magazine. That’s success for me in my writing journey but it took patience and persistence to get here.

I stuck my toe in the waters of writing four years and five months ago. I enrolled in an online course and diligently began studying the art of writing and the Christian publishing world. I pursued writing in secret, not daring to believe it was even possible to have my words published.

Simultaneously with that first step, I waded deeper into the waters to fulfill a craving I’d experienced for several years—reading the entire Bible. I’d started several times before but lacked the patience and persistence to keep going. This time, when I stuck my toe in the waters of writing, God laid the perfect resource in my hands. A tool that allowed me to read, study—and most importantly–understand God’s word one chapter at a time.

There was no ripple when I stuck my toe in the water, but my craving was quenched—one day at a time. And in the daily moments with God in His word, I felt His nudge to wait, be patient. There was something soothing and beautiful about that patience—it was cloaked in a sense of assurance that I was right where God wanted me to be.

Today I sense the same assurance. I’m right where God wants me to be—in my writing journey and in my faith journey. I continue to cultivate patience, persistence, and set my eyes on our Savior. I’m tethered to His word and His promises. Yes, there are still challenges and failures, but even in those times I feast on a banquet of the fruits of craving Jesus above all—a life founded in uncrushable joy despite our circumstances.

As part of my journey is shared on The Joyful Life magazine’s blog today, these words will be shared across social media, and distributed to the inboxes of women who share the same craving. I hope you’ll take a moment to savor and read my thoughts, and join me in this prayer:

Loving God,
May these words soar on Your wings, for Your purposes, and may they glorify You and point others to our Savior, Your Son Jesus Christ. May they encourage patience and perseverance in our journeys of faith, and inspire us to pursue a heavenly focus—a focus where we find uncrushable joy despite our circumstances. Thank you, Lord, for Your blessings and favor.

Hugs and thanks,