“The Locket”

Does the thought of escaping to a world where goodness prevails and love always wins entice you? It does me! After a stressful day at work, I’ve been known to come home, grab an inspiring book of fiction, and read all throughout the night. My husband can vouch that he has gone to bed with me soaking away in our garden tub with my nose stuck in a book, then wake to find me still in the tub flipping the last remaining pages feverishly in anticipation of the finish!

Christian fiction–a place where we experience the love of Christ in the goodness of flawed characters just like us. A place I love to escape to. A place that encourages me to continue believing God’s plans will prevail and seek a better understanding of His word.

Sometimes I think I’m crazy as I pursue my dream to write–doubly so when I pursue both nonfiction and fiction. I often chastise myself for pursuing both, but then a soothing touch calms the frenzy of my heart and whispers, “Just write the words I encourage you to write, Monica, and trust me.”

I find joy in obedience to that whisper.

And I experience amazement in God’s goodness!

Today I’m thankful the editors at The Joyful Life magazine took a chance on me. I’m thrilled to share that my first Christian fiction short story is published in print. Yes, God continues to amaze me!

“The Locket”– a story of hope and healing is lovingly and beautifully presented in the AWAKEN Spring 2020 issue, available now at The Joyful Life magazine. Nestled among encouraging faith articles, creative DIY projects, delicious recipes, and one of my personal favorites–charcuterie boards, all curated to inspire the hearts and homes of Christian women everywhere, “The Locket” tethers us to our Healer, unfolding the story of a woman grieving heartache, a husband called to lead and love her well, a devastated young girl bereft of hope, and a tireless CPS worker willing to go the extra mile.

Every page of AWAKEN will delight your senses and inspire your faith journey! I encourage you to experience every page, but you don’t have to wait to get yours in the mail. Today the editors at The Joyful Life have generously published the debut of my fiction short story on the blog. Simply click “The Locket”— then escape for a few minutes  and enjoy!



P.S. I’d love your comments and feedback!