Christ and Crepes? Yes!

A burst of laughter rang out. I spun to witness a crepe in mid-air landing perfectly on Meredith’s crepe pan. Meredith and Steve broke out in a touchdown-like celebration filled with high fives and fist pumps. They laughed uncontrollably and cheered. I chuckled to myself and thought, “even in learning to make crepes, there’s competition!”... Continue Reading →

Faith Notes

I started piano lessons in the first grade. According to my mom, I banged rhythms on pots, pans and everything in sight so she signed me up for piano. My first teacher was our church’s organist. After I learned the basics, church hymns quickly became my practice material. Trust me, I was no child prodigy.... Continue Reading →

Living Forward

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the “stuff.” We hold onto things with sentimental value thinking it means we love someone. I’m guilty. My family is guilty. My husband, Gary, is an only child. Our house is filled with furniture, dishes, and knick-knacks after the loss of his aunt and his mom. We have... Continue Reading →

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