It’s Never Too Late to Build A Home

My writing journey is a personal counseling session with God. It’s cathartic, educational, and healing.

Writing leverages a personal trait that has served me well—the power of observation. Before ever being blessed with the role of mom, I observed other mothers and their parenting styles. I observed, evaluated, and learned. When I was entrusted with the title of mom, I implemented the lessons I’d learned from observation. The same process applies to my writing.

Sometimes these personal writing sessions with God are hard. Sometimes embarrassing. Today one of those lessons arrives in the inboxes of women on several continents.  

I almost didn’t submit this article for consideration because it painfully reveals my shortcomings. Twice I decided it was too much to reveal. Twice God assured me to release these words to the world and trust Him.

So I did.

The editorial team at The Joyful Life magazine found value in these words. They selected my article for publication on their blog today. They distributed the article via email this morning to subscribers spread far and wide. While I wrote “It’s Never Too Late to Build a Home” I cringed at that thought. Today I’m at peace, warmed from the inside out, and I smile. Why?

Because these words are His words to serve His purpose. Entrusted to me to release them out into the world to help comfort a woman somewhere that needs to hear them. Our Sovereign Savior knew someone needed them, and He already knew I would need them too.

For here’s the beautiful thing about God’s ways: Just like a boomerang, He gently coaxed me to toss this article out for submission six months ago. He guided its selection to nurture the hearts of other women, and then in His own loving way, He returned that nurturing to me through the beautiful, encouraging comments of The Joyful Life readers.   

I pray these words comfort you and soothe away any guilt or shame. I pray they bless you. For you bless me!

Love and hugs,