Hi!  I’m Monica Bard and I confess, I’m a hugger. To me, the world just needs more hugs!

Wrapped in God’s embrace, I seek God’s guidance to be the best Christian wife, mom, friend, and person I can be.  I don’t always get it right, but with God’s grace I keep trying.

I’m the proud momma of my greatest blessing, my daughter Meredith. As her friends quickly learn, “God may have given me only one child by birth, but He gave me the capacity to love many.” Some of my fondest moments have been surrounded by Meredith and her friends. With God as our anchor, we’ve carved sweet memories in our hearts and travelled her journey to adulthood. We laughed and celebrated along the way on many road trips for swimming competitions and volleyball tournaments, while those same trips were grace-filled opportunities to digest the hard stuff. Always with God’s word as our compass.

I thank God daily for entrusting me with the best job He ever gave me–being Meredith’s mom.

Meredith now soars as a child of God, sharing His message, striking out on her personal journey with Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, and following Him where He leads. Sometimes that’s near and sometimes it’s far.  Sometimes that’s exciting for this momma. Other times it’s a tad bit scary and challenges me to dig deeper into my own faith. When I feel the need to hover and protect her, when I want to swaddle her in my arms forever, I remind myself of one thing: God answered my prayers for the first 25 years of her life. I must trust Him with the rest.

Yes, that’s hard sometimes.

But I choose to exchange my empty nest for a full nest built on Christ’s hope.

I dive into God’s Word daily and learn something new every day, on every page. I love that and I crave that. Just like other moms, I encouraged Meredith to dream and stretched her to dream bigger than she could imagine. I motivated her with the truth—God has an imagination larger than life and He indeed has great plans for us.

Somewhere along the way, though, I forgot that truth applied to me, or maybe I convinced myself I was unworthy. Either way, I gave up on my dreams.

Until I focused my eyes on Him.

In His arms, God birthed my dreams again.

As you read my blog, you’re a part of my dream, but I know you have dreams, too! I hope you discover nuggets of God’s truth and inspiration on these pages, whether you’re emptying your nest or filling your nest with new adventures. Together we can learn something new every day, sharpen each other in God’s word, and exchange our empty nests for God-given dreams and adventures in Christ.

Built on the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.



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