The Gift

This Father's Day marks a new beginning...the beginning of holidays without my Dad's presence. My family is in the difficult season of adjusting to life without him. That's especially difficult for my mom who shared 60 years of marriage with my Dad. After a valiant fight against Parkinson's and several other slow progressing diseases, my... Continue Reading →

What Jesus Sees

White twinkling lights draped the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lake. They were beautiful in the darkened room, but the spoken words proved to be mesmerizing. Suzie¹ spoke of how deeply our Heavenly Father loves us and “right now invitations.” She spoke of surrendering and creating sacred spaces during the weekend to be alone with God and... Continue Reading →

Holy Boldness

This past weekend I drove 1200+ miles round trip to Suzie Eller's "Come With Me Launch Party & Retreat" at a ranch in northeast Oklahoma on the OK/AR stateline. I knew no one. Not a soul. Earlier this summer, Satan tried to sabotage this trip. "You have no business being there. You don't belong." He... Continue Reading →

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