The Love and Encouragement of Community

Community. Since God declared, “it is not good for man to be alone” in the Garden of Eden, it’s clear God created us for community and relationships.  

For Adam, God gave him Eve, his helper. Jesus Christ chose his twelve apostles. Clearly, God did not intend for us to go it alone. He knows what each of us need; for God created our hearts and minds to be in relationship with one another. Relationships that nurture us, hold us accountable, inspire us, and draw us closer to God.

Three years ago I discovered a community of women who “got me.” I was a novice on this writing journey, unsure and uncertain about many things in my life, and doubtful about my writing abilities, afraid to even give voice to my dream. Yet, they welcomed me, loved me, and encouraged me. After a weekend with these women, I drove the 10 hours home in amazement, shouting repeatedly and sharing with my family, “I found my peeps!”

I thank God for this community He knew I needed.

It’s been an amazing three years since that retreat, watching and witnessing all that God is doing through these beautiful women. Six of them–Cindy, Jodie, Laura, Mitzi, Kelly, and Michele–were led by God to join forces in a ministry called Sisterhood Ministries. It’s an encouraging and vibrant ministry that celebrates the beauty and joy of sisters walking together in Christ.

Just as they did three years ago, these women continue to welcome, love, and cheer me on. Today, they welcome me to their blog. As this precious Sisterhood focuses on the Names of God, once again their arms are wide open, inviting me to contribute and share a piece of my heart with their community, a post focusing on “Finding Our Waymaker.”

I continue to shout and thank God for “my peeps!” Not only are they sisters in Christ, they’re my friends.

I hope you’ll take a moment to click to read my post, check out their website and look around. You’ll find a community of women who are loving, vibrant, creative, and committed. Committed to Christ. And committed to helping other women.

Love and hugs,