Holy Boldness

This past weekend I drove 1200+ miles round trip to Suzie Eller's "Come With Me Launch Party & Retreat" at a ranch in northeast Oklahoma on the OK/AR stateline. I knew no one. Not a soul. Earlier this summer, Satan tried to sabotage this trip. "You have no business being there. You don't belong." He... Continue Reading →

Pass the Salt, Please!

How often do you hear, “Pass the salt, please?” as you sit around your dinner table. It’s a daily occurrence in my family. When it comes to food, we’re a well-seasoned family. But are we well-seasoned in our faith? Recently a verse piqued my interest as I studied the book of Leviticus: “Season all your... Continue Reading →

Christ and Crepes? Yes!

A burst of laughter rang out. I spun to witness a crepe in mid-air landing perfectly on Meredith’s crepe pan. Meredith and Steve broke out in a touchdown-like celebration filled with high fives and fist pumps. They laughed uncontrollably and cheered. I chuckled to myself and thought, “even in learning to make crepes, there’s competition!”... Continue Reading →

Faith Notes

I started piano lessons in the first grade. According to my mom, I banged rhythms on pots, pans and everything in sight so she signed me up for piano. My first teacher was our church’s organist. After I learned the basics, church hymns quickly became my practice material. Trust me, I was no child prodigy.... Continue Reading →

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